Children's jacket Freebook "Jackenliebe" – free sewing pattern – purple like love

The children's jacket "Jackenliebe" can be sewn quickly and is a wonderful project for both beginners and advanced seamstresses! The jacket is sewn from stretchy fabrics and can be turned. Thanks to hidden seams, a chic result is achieved even without an overlock sewing machine. There are several different variants, which are described in detail and with illustrated sewing instructions. They are available in sizes 62 …

Today I show you my favorite Freebooks and free sewing patterns for the baby. Everything from baby carriers, pillows and nursing pillows to children's clothing. Sewing can be so easy, give it a try. DIY

Free instructions and patterns – sewing children's trousers –

Sew throat sock | Freebie | free instructions | Sew buff | Sewing for babies

Instructions and patterns for a simple but practical, sewn diaper bag to take away.

Sew a jumpsuit with a button placket with the free Sleepy Leon 2.0 pattern

Warm tweed poncho for kids – free crochet pattern


Knitting for a good cause – newborn hats with instructions – lifestyle potpourri

Today I'll show you how you can sew a very simple loop scarf in 15 minutes. This time a children's loaf that only goes around the neck once.


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